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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Underground Intelligence Media

It is known that some of the entities dealing with morgellons practice black magic rituals. One possible interpretation of the morgellon life cycle that at this point gains importance, is that the fungus is adopting the morphogenesis of a higher species, and in this context forms the reproductive organs of this species to give birth to a second generation of this higher species. According to this theory, at the end of the cycle the species of the second generation uses the optical properties of the morgellon fibers to extract bio-photons from the human host. This is done by triggering the feeling of pain transmitted through the morgellon grid. The body reacts with the impulse to heal, sending out bio photons produced to regenerate injured tissue. This light could be collected by the morgellons, lead to the second generation species and used by it to higher its scalar potential, i.e. the amount of light stored within its DNA cluster. Increasing the scalar potential to a certain extend would shift the species to higher realms, transfer it to a kind of hyperspace, where it stops interacting with normal matter, becoming something we would experience as a demon, in scientific word a light parasite. Such a process is not in conflict with physics. The possibility of parallel space time sheets is given by Topological Geometrodynamics. These states of parallel space time sheets have been artificially produced in labs. In respect to the feeling of insects crawling under the skin there is a high resemblance to the subjective feeling of being possessed by a demon following to black magic rituals. Thus it seems possible that the entire morgellon-agenda is introduced by people involved into black magic rituals and is designed to help a trans dimensional species to reproduce via humans. A species that has been regarded as demons. Archaic Black Goo played a major role in black magic rites, last intensively researched by the inner core of the German SS. In the middle-ages these black stones were utilized by black magicians to connect with archonts, aka demons, archaic beings which have developed out of early spiders who entirely live as light parasites and try to align with humans to form a symbiosis, where the archont feeds on the bio-photons of the human and the human profits from the mental (magical) abilities of the archons. Categories: Self Improvement - Spiritual Evolution - Transcendence - (B.S.S.I), Love and Relationships - Spirit of Love Blog - Heart Consciousness and Coherence, Etheric Arsenal, Hardcore Spirituality, Are You Ready?

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