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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Underground Intelligence Media

Australian student confirms that giant plasma tubes are floating ... Highlight Australian student confirms that giant plasma tubes are floating above Earth. This is big. CHRIS PASH, BUSINESS INSIDER. 2 JUN 2015. Facebook Icon. Plasma Tubes In Earth's Magnetosphere Confirmed: Why This ... Highlight Jun 6, 2015 ... Plasma Tubes In Earth's Magnetosphere Confirmed: Why This Discovery ... a decades-old theory that giant plasma tubes float above the Earth. Student Confirms That There Are Enormous Tubes Of Plasma ... Highlight Jun 3, 2015 ... Plasma tubes in the Earth's magnetosphere have been observed for the ... kilometres [373 miles] above the ground, in the upper ionosphere, ... Large plasma tubes confirmed to exist above the Earth's atmosphere Highlight Jun 2, 2015 ... For over six decades, scientists have speculated about the existence of plasma structures that reside in the magnetosphere's inner layers. Aussie student proves existence of plasma tubes floating above Earth Highlight Jun 2, 2015 ... AN AUSTRALIAN scientist has discovered that giant, invisible, moving plasma tubes fill the skies above Earth. It's a finding that was initially met ... Plasma tubes above Earth discovered by student after decades of ... Highlight Jun 4, 2015 ... For the first time, after decades of speculation, the existence of plasma tubes in the Earth's atmosphere has been confirmed. The discovery was ... Giant plasma tubes spotted circling Earth filled with sun charged ... Highlight Jun 2, 2015 ... She managed to do something no other astronomer had before - find evidence for the hypothesised plasma tubes high above Earth's surface, ... Scientists Detect Plasma Tubes in Earth's Magnetosphere ... Highlight Jun 5, 2015 ... Scientists have confirmed the existence of tubular plasma structures between the plasmasphere and ionosphere of our planet, 370 miles above ... University student maps plasma tubes in the sky - Gizmag Highlight Jun 3, 2015 ... Enormous plasma pipes above the Earth are created when ionizing radiation from the sun strikes atoms in the ionosphere (Credit: University of ..

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