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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The UnMasking 1.

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - Part 4 - Beyond Thinking

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - Part 3 - The Serpent and the Lotus

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - Part 2 - The Spiral

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - Part 1 - Akasha

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mind Science;WE ARE VIBRATIONAL BEINGS. (Documentary) Part1

Reclaim The Mind by Manly P Hall

Reclaim The Mind by Manly P Hall


New: Spiritual Psychology by Manly P Hall (with links to solutions)

New: Spiritual Psychology by Manly P Hall (with links to solutions)


NEW: Obsession and Spirit Possession by Manly P. Hall - Links to solutions included.

NEW: Obsession and Spirit Possession by Manly P. Hall - Links to solutions included.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Michael Tsarion - Origins & Oracles - Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genet...

Origins & Oracles" series, Michael Tsarion takes us on a vivid journey back to the time of the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. On this journey, timeless mysteries are unraveled and explained like never before. Masses of disinformation concerning pre-history and the origins of humanity, which have duped scholars and researchers for generations, are eradicated and we are finally able to connect the dots and comprehend how the innumerable idioms of our modern world came into being. In the tradition of Immanuel Velikovsky, Zechariah Sitchin, Jordan Maxwell, Graham Hancock and Michael Cremo, Michael Tsarion investigates the true origins of mankind and throws open doors which have been sealed for many an age.'

Click through to to watch free presentations and make a donation.

Michael Tsarion - Origins & Oracles - Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genet...

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Saturday, September 26, 2015

No More Tears (formerly Tears In Winter) by DJ Marco Andre - 528Hz

You Are My Sunshine by DJ Marco Andre (528 Hz)

The Awakening - Max Igan - Full Length Documentary (2011)

The Awakening - Max Igan - Full Length Documentary (2011)

A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

The Calling _ Max Igan

The Calling _ Max Igan

Friday, September 25, 2015

Holograms, Aliens and Agenda's - Not For The Squeamish!

There are two segments in my video that have had the volume, and testimony of persons in the video, taken out / censored by an entity other than myself. I do apologize for the drop out of sound in these segments (roughly a min to a min and a half long), but will state that I'll 'not' be revealing what was revealed / stated in such censored segments 'due to national security.' Yup. You read correctly. Enjoy that which you are allowed to hear. 30:31 Any clip that is repeated in this video? Is for a 'really good reason.' How far has technology advanced without your knowing? This is one of four video's to be released 'public' by the end of May 2015. Share if you like. It's currently unlisted so I can finish the other two videos I'm working on. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy Have the distractions swayed you from the realizations that technology has 'time warped' in it's advancement 'as of, or around' the 1930's or 1940's? Have the distractions swayed you from the realities that planet earth is full of resources that are threatened by forces that may imply an outside force, or race of beings that care not for human beings? OR is it all a part of a scheme / plan called 'Project Blue Beam?' Have we even been to Mars? Is there a relationship between an ancient race of beings / aliens and humans? Some evidence in the video to bring you to think some more. You be the judge. Does anything in this video sound familiar? If they are alien holograms, how does one explain the aliens caught on video, being filmed? Oh, body holograms (like those rockets hologrammed as planes spreading all them chem trails through the skies? One would not be comfortable knowing there were that many rockets roaming over head, would they?). Or, is there an actual race of species / aliens, protecting the planet earth? Or are the fallen angels? That which is presented in this video will surely bring you to ponder all that which currently be (my motive).

How to recognize a demonic entity: CRITICAL INFORMATION!

The Truth About Jesus: Religious Miseducation Exposed

How to recognize a demonic person - Can you bear the truth?

70 GODS before JEHOVAH ruled earth - And Prophets of OTHER GODs

Did you know there are Prophets in the bible of Other Gods besides Jehovah? Did you know that there is another priesthood BESIDES LEVI that wrote scripture? Did you even know who wrote the bible or what it said? Who was the Prophet DEBORAH and which Divine being did she proclaim?


Did Jesus say Jehovah was his God? His Father? Did Jesus even imply that he was? Did, perhaps, he imply that he was NOT his God. This is an in depth study of what Jesus really said and MEANT in context. With the New Testament INTO context and comparing the Old testament with the new, it's teachings it's God, and it's underlying theme. We must KNOW the truth. Jesus actually DID say the name of his God. And he made it known to his disciples.


This Video is the most in depth Video I have done to date. it will not only show how the History of Earth goes back 450, 000 years, but also that the ancient mysteries were brought down through Egypt and that the Catholic Church is absolutely not a religion of the real Jesus, but is run by the False God Enlil of the Anunnaki in the Ancient history of the world. That the True God of this Earth has had his true priesthood for thousands of years, and that the Catholic Church destroyed, and eradicated, this history in 391 ad, when the Alexandrian Library of Egypt was destroyed.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Universe is Mental: Tap into your Hidden Power

Secrets of the Bible: What your preacher will never tell you

What are the Bible's buried secrets? What are the hidden secrets of the Bible? The Book of Enoch, why was it removed from the Bible? Is your god a alien? Who is god? Who are the gods of the Bible? Did Jesus exist? Was Jesus a sun god? What is the Holy Ghost? Why did the church remove books from the Bible? Who were the real followers of Christ? Who were the gnostics? Who created Christianity and why? It the Jesus story fake? Was Jesus black? Who is the anti Christ? Is Christianity a false religion? Is the church a form of satanic mind control? 

Learn the answers to all your questions! There is no need to be in the dark any longer. Your prayers have been heard. Learn the facts that have been hidden from the masses for ages! 

What if God was the Devil?

Did Jesus really exist? NAAZIR RA

Did Jesus really exist? Who was the Christ? Is Jesus the Christ? Is the word "Christ" a name or a title? What is the difference between Jesus and Christ? Do Muslims believe in Jesus? Are the Jews expecting a Messiah? Was Jesus a Caucasian? What Jesus Black? Who was Saul of Tarsus? Who really wrote the ghost-spells "gospels?" Was Jesus a Christian? What was Jesus' real name? Is Christianity a satanic religion? Who created the Christian religion and why? Were did Christians get the wedding ceremony? Why do Christians practice so many pagan holidays? Why were books removed from the Bible? Why is so-called Jesus always portrayed as a white man? Is the "image" of Jesus the "image" of the beast that the world worships? Who is the beast? What group of people are the seed of the serpent mentioned in Genesis?

THE TIME HAS COME FOR THE TRUTH! IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP FROM THE CHRISTIAN LIES, DECEPTIONS AND IGNORANCE! Christians are the most ignorant of the own religion. They follow and believe lies and fabrications in blind faith with hope that their faith alone will earn them the right to enter an eternal welfare program called "heaven" --- A place were they can eat milk and honey and play harps for eternity! What a foolish illusion. YOU ARE BEING DECEIVED AND NOW IS THE TIME TO GET THE FACTS AND WAKE UP!

Is this Spiritual Warfare or an Initiation? NAAZIR RA

Why eat organic foods?

ROSA KOIRE ~ "Secrets Behind U.N. AGENDA 21 & Global Sustainability" [A...

ROSA KOIRE ~ "Secrets Behind U.N. AGENDA 21 & Global Sustainability"

Sanctuary (Dance and Trance 432 hz) by DJ Marco Andre

Outer Space Affairs - You DON'T Have A Right To Know - Just Watch It Hap...

Just what is in our skies and how many people does it take to bring the awareness to the public that there is, indeed, something foreign in our skies visiting us from 'elsewhere.' Just where is elsewhere? You be the judge. Made for content and intrigues. 

The Great Pyramid & The Great Lie

Graham Hancock A Species with Amnesia FULL LECTURE Megalithomania 2009

AAE tv | The Untold History Of The World | Laura Magdalene Eisenhower | ...

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

4th Dimension explained

Mind Over Matter - Telekinesis: 5th Dimension (Paranormal Documentary)

5TH Dimension Near Death Experience

Spiritual Reality: Near Death Experiences - FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY

Terrorism: Launched by hypoCritical Vatican and funded with your TaxMoney

TERRORISM - Vatican Sponsored - Admitted On CNN (MUST SEE TO BELIEVE!!!)

Neil Kramer: The Path of Self-Determination

Neil Kramer - The Unfoldment

Neil eloquently unfolds the stone for us in this epic talk with godlikeproductions. 

Neil Kramer's book The Unfoldment presents a body of sacred wisdom and a deep spiritual perspective that puts real power and real magic into the hands of those who seek a path of awakening. Neil Kramer draws on a lifetime of spiritual encounters and experiential gnosis to formulate a unique synthesis of metaphysics, mysticism, and esoteric knowledge—genuine, hands-on tools and teachings for transformation and enlightenment in the 21st century.

The Unfoldment is a natural human process; a journey of growth, realization, and ascendance. For the first time, Neil Kramer's insights, techniques and, ideas are brought together in one inspirational work that has the power to change lives.

The Unfoldment fuses profound spiritual philosophy and dynamic practical application, specifically designed to help you:

* Claim your power—create a life of authenticity, resonance, and fulfillment
* Dissolve illusions and re-pattern old wiring—liberate the mind from systems of control
* Master emotional alchemy—transform pain and embrace flow
* Unveil the secret teachings and hidden histories of our ancient ancestors
* Understand the intimate relationship between light and shadow, creation and destruction

Monday, September 21, 2015

Max Igan - The Calling (Full Length Movie)

Secret Space Secret Past.
The discoveries presented here will shock you.. There's a worldwide conspiracy regarding disinformation that's been going on since the beginning of time, all 6000 illusory years of it. This conspiracy is about UFO's , Aliens, Reptilians, Religion, Super Technologies, Evolution and our true past....... 
There’s a scandal going on in the scientific world today involving the suppression of information: Information deliberately held back from public view. 
It's a scandal that is cheating you of your ancestry and robbing you of many serious benefits. 
Artifacts deliberately dumped in the Atlantic Ocean...
Certain discovery sites banned to researchers who ask embarrassing questions... an archaeologist ordered to deny a major Find:
There’s a worldwide conspiracy regarding disinformation that’s been going on since the beginning of time, all 6000 illusory years of it.This conspiracy is about UFO’s , Aliens, Reptilians, Religion, Super Technologies, Evolution and our true past.......

The video is content protected, and logo protected, please refrain from uploading , Secret Key Activator Productions ©
Most Music is licensed to Secret Key Activator, Many thanks to Johnathan Gray and his kind Permission to reproduce his Findings.
Please check our website for his book.
Other Subjects include: The Sputnik one satellite, Black night satellite, Operation Moon blink, Mars discoveries, moon discoveries, Bruce Cathie, Anti Gravity, Jim Keith “Saucers of the ILLUMINATI,
Worldwide Pyramids, The epic of Etana from Babylon, Ancient flying machines, Ancient Secret Technology, Helium 3, Pillars (called "menhirs"), gravity, electromagnetism, gigantic human beings,
Forbidden knowledge, the Vatican, Nikola Tesla’s ,sacred geomerties,
Dinosaur Hoaxes, stone henge, Free healing, False time readings, carbon 14 dating, law of thermodynamics, 2nd law of thermodynamics, The Deluge, the flood, uniformitarianism. The Palaeolithic and the Neolithic, ape men, cavemen, stone age deception, Cope’s Law’, Darwinism,
Piltdown man, Nebraska man, lucy Australopithecus, missing link, Chromosome break down, GOD Gene called VMAT2, Pineal gland, 1700 BC nuclear warfare, Kabbalistic knowledge, The Piri Reis map dated 1508 , Ancient technologies, computers, X-ray crystals, mercury motors, cloaking technology, vortex mirrors, Egyptians drills 500 times faster than modern power drills.
Precision Mayan surgical instruments that were a thousand times sharper than modern platinum-plus blades. Machine-cut optical lenses, Screen projectors.
716 rhythmically pulsating “electric” disks (similar to computer disks) found in caves in the Bayan-Kara-Ula mountains.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Remote Viewers Discover 'Inter-dimensional Battle' In Progress - Linda M...

To get daily show updates and breaking news, join us

In an interview with Linda Moulton Howe, Pete Santilli discusses a recent report provided to Ms. Howe from Remote Viewers who have been assisting her investigation into mysterious 'booms'.

The Remote Viewers provided a documented report which revealed what they discovered as an "inter-dimensional battle" presently in progress. 

Listen to the full interview here:

Check out Linda Moulton Howe's recent articles about the loud and mysterious 'booms' heard around the USA and the world:

What is the source of the unexplained loud and sometimes window shattering booms being heard and felt around the world?
Pete's guest Linda Moulton Howe, is an Emmy Award-winning TV producer, investigative reporter for radio and internet and author who goes directly to the men and women at the forefront of science and environmental breakthroughs and to firsthand eyewitnesses of high strangeness. Howe has received two dozen TV production and journalism awards for excellence. received the 2006 W3 Silver Award for excellence in news category; the 2003 WebAward for Standard of Excellence; and the 2000 Encyclopedia Britannica Award honoring internet excellence.

Podcast Download:
Please be sure to comment, share, like and subscribe! 
Live Call-In Line: Tel 218-862-9829 
Live 24/7 Listener Line 712-432-7848 

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET invasion has already occurred and governm...

President Eisenhower's Warning About The Military Industrial Complex

Blowing the whistle on corruption inside the World Bank: Karen Hudes

Karen Hudes is a graduate of Yale Law School and she worked in the legal department of the World Bank for more than 20 years. In fact, when she was fired for blowing the whistle on corruption inside the World Bank, she held the position of Senior Counsel. 

She was in a unique position to see exactly how the global elite rule the world, and the information that she is now revealing to the public is absolutely stunning. According to Hudes, the elite use a very tight core of financial institutions and mega-corporations to dominate the planet. 

The goal is control. They want all of us enslaved to debt, they want all of our governments enslaved to debt, and they want all of our politicians addicted to the huge financial contributions that they funnel into their campaigns. Since the elite also own all of the big media companies, the mainstream media never lets us in on the secret that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way that our system works.

Remember, this is not some "conspiracy theorist" that is saying these things. This is a Yale-educated attorney that worked inside the World Bank for more than two decades.

Summary of her credentials:

Karen Hudes studied law at Yale Law School and economics at the University of Amsterdam. She worked in the US Export Import Bank of the US from 1980-1985 and in the Legal Department of the World Bank from 1986-2007. She established the Non Governmental Organization Committee of the International Law Section of the American Bar Association and the Committee on Multilateralism and the Accountability of International Organizations of the American Branch of the International Law Association.

Citing an explosive 2011 Swiss study published in the PLOS ONE journal on the "network of global corporate control," Hudes pointed out that a small group of entities — mostly financial institutions and especially central banks — exert a massive amount of influence over the international economy from behind the scenes. "What is really going on is that the world's resources are being dominated by this group," she explained, adding that the "corrupt power grabbers" have managed to dominate the media as well. "They're being 

Thomas Jefferson : Banking establishments are more dangerous than standi...

Fed Doled Out 9 Trillion

The Alyona Show

$9 Trillion Missing - Federal Reserve Doesn't Know Where It Went

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Wiccan Herb Master

Underground Intelligence Media

DNA may be a source of biophoton emission. - GreenMedInfo Summary

Underground Intelligence Media

World News - Media Monarchy

Underground Intelligence Media

The Psychology of Scarcity VS the Psychology of Plenty

Underground Intelligence Media

U.S. Combat Veterans Sue Gangster Banks ----


Canadians Sue the Bank of Canada

Canadians Sue the Bank of Canada


Headlines: Over 200 veterans suing six major banks

The World Calls the FED's Bluff: Give Us Our GOLD Back! - Andy Hoffman &...

Gold Gone? Germany baffled as Fed bars access to bullion

Germany missing 45% of its gold 'stored in US'

9 Trillion or 9,000,000,000,000 Missing from FEDERAL RESERVE -- SHOCKING...

Anonymous Message to Barack Obama: Do You See What We See?

Soldier speaks out about 2012 and FEMA and NWO Elites. He quits and thro...

US Troops speak out against Illuminati Bankers Wars, New World Order

Friday, September 18, 2015

Agenda 21 and The Reptilians

The Reptilians - Agenda 21 - Graphic!

The link to Part 2 With so very many people, from across the world, many elite with credentials, speaking out about aliens, reptilian's and more? What more proof do you need, when so very many people are talking about different theories that support other theories, or claims, that hold incredible similarities which support the other. What do I mean? Watch this video. I'd much rather have made a two hour video, on this topic, but thought (to please the many who state I should not have to take 2 hours to present 'anything), I'd make it, roughly, an hour in length. If this does not get you to thinking outside of the box? I don't know what will. Remember, the people in this video do not know each other. 

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Population Control - Not For the Squeamish BUT A Must Watch!

The Secret Break Away Civilization You're Not Supposed To Know About

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Richard Dolan & Joseph P Farrell on Highly Advanced Civilizations !!

Marcos Beauty Supply

Marcos Beauty Supply featuring Celebrity and cancer survivor Suzanne Somers, The Biggest Loser, Fitness Republic, Braintree Natural Organic Clothing, Wellness Effex, Nisim Hair Growth and Scalp Biofactors and more plus links to more Blogs for Natural Health and Beauty. Direct link :

Underground Intelligence Media

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015

Inter-dimensional Warfare

Kemet (Egypt), Western Occultism, Eastern and other spiritually speak of our seven bodies. Therefore we should learn to work towards understanding these bodies so we can prevent being attacked spiritually based on the four/ seven + bodies. Generally speaking a lot of people are only tapping into their physical body and not realizing that they can be manipulated or programmed on the astral/emotional, mental or etheric plan. In addition, our neglected unhealed emotions can also stop us from manifesting our reality and continue re-manifesting in our physical world to be healed and/or addressed. Makalesi also explains how these bodies can effect you spiritually, mentally and even physically via occultism, magick, suggestions and much more


Chili - Expert

DJs - Expert
GMO Foods - Expert
Health - Expert
Massachusetts - Expert
Monsanto - Expert
Organic Food - Expert
Radio - Expert
Record Labels - Expert
Spirituality - Expert
Springfield - Expert
Techno - Expert

SOURCE: last updated Friday September 11, 2015

Categories: Dragonfly Kingdom International Service Agency: North East Nature Guard, New England True Sustainability Initiative, Springfield Green Team Partnership: Site Updates, Blog And Improvements - -, Self Improvement - Spiritual Evolution - Transcendence , Etheric Arsenal, Hardcore Spirituality, Are You Ready?

Underground Intelligence Media

Understanding Your Innerverse

The Fall

Makalesi describes the concept of the fall. The concept of the fallen is when humankind of the past was not able to master sexual energy and this then effected our evolutionary path. Modifications had to be made to help humankind return to its pre- fallen state.

Solar Sanctuary - True Sustainability Iniatiative - Dragonfly Kingdom International Service Agency - Underground Intelligence Media


Outdoor Solar Lighting - $14.99 and Up

Solar Powered Radios (some with charging station) $17.63 and Up

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Underground Intelligence Media

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Seven Hermetic Principles - Mark Passio

The Power Transition Model and the Declaration Of Sovereign Authority

The Politics Of Fear - And What Can Be Done About It

Social, economic, and technological solutions for the 21st century, Stephen E. Amsden presenting "The Politics Of Fear" - Fear, whether real or imagined, has the same effect. Fear is a natural and useful primal emotion, and is hard-wired to protect against a known or perceived threat. When fear is based upon a real threat, it triggers a defense mechanism based upon the survival instinct, and becomes a necessary force for protection of life, liberty or property. And when fear is based upon a fictitious threat, the reaction is still valid, as the individual experiencing the fear remains unaware they are being deceived. Knowledge of how this emotional reaction works, or the “psychology of fear,” is a powerful and indispensable tool for anyone who desires to control that individual, and can use this tool to manipulate the individual into desired modes of behavior. This is the essence of the negative application of power – to subdue, subjugate and oppress, to ultimately control all aspects of the individual for a desired outcome, most usually a form of slavery. 

This manipulation of perception creates a cycle of fear that serves as a model for social behavioral control, and once in place, merely needs to be “fed” by continuous perceptions of threat, real or imagined. It has been long known throughout history that this manipulation of consciousness is essential to authoritarian rule. This is evident since the first recorded events of human history, and still persists today. Irrational fear has become an essential underlying component of government rule, as non-compliance with authoritarian principles are dealt with first by persuasion, followed by bribery, extortion, coercion, the threat of violent action, and finally, by actual harmful or deadly force. These abuses of power are well documented in the history books, but little knowledge of this psychological manipulation is revealed. During WWII, President Franklin Roosevelt declared “There is nothing to fear but fear itself,” but this statement is deliberately misleading. We have everything to fear from a totalitarian form of government that suppresses individual rights, and manipulates the populace into falsely “believing” there is no choice but to submit to authoritarian rule. This type of fear becomes irrational when it is based upon threats that are known to be manufactured and fictitious, which is today consistently perpetuated by the web of deception and lies spun by the corporate-based state controlled Media. This is undeniably a very effective tool for propagating irrational fear, and forms the basis for the “Politics of Fear” that we are currently experiencing. 

Now the question is, what can we do about it? As with all forms of critical thinking, one must first be able to discern facts from fiction to determine the truth about our perception, which we know can be easily manipulated through the psychology of fear. That is step one. Step two is to analyze these facts in a logical way that is clear and precise, free of emotional attachment. It has been said that logic is the science of reason, and it is only through reason that one can rise above the irrational-emotional crisis presented by the politics of fear. Step three is to cultivate the ability to articulate these findings in a dialogue that can be clearly identified and shared, and not fall prey to the myopic delusional world of mass distraction. Step four is to promote the principles of a free society on a global basis, where individuals of all nations are aware of the principles of free speech, the right to self-defense of life, liberty and property, the guarantee of equal protection under rule of law, and that no government can sacrifice the right of the individual in the name of the state. Step five is to expose the efforts on the part of those who would subvert these rights, and hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity, that the appropriate punishments are levied upon them, and ensure that the “predatory class” will not inflict their parasitic model of malignant narcissism upon the citizens of this world. 

Of course there are more, and many sub-categories that could be divulged here, but these are a few of the significant ones. These are all within our own power to possess, and it is our right and our responsibility to wield this power. If not us, then we have willingly waived those rights in favor of dictatorship, and the pattern of state-controlled slavery continues to be foisted upon us. The will to power is meant for us, not those who govern by the politics of fear. My friends, the hour is getting late indeed. We have become the monster we seek to destroy, and the time to correct this is due - if not now, then when? 

Thank you for your time, and please join this new dialogue for freedom, liberty, and justice for all individuals of this beautiful sanctuary we call Earth.

Licenses & Permits - Delusional Claims That Rights Are "Privileges"

Mark Passio explains how LICENSES AND PERMITS are claims that a group of people who call themselves "government" have been given the "right" to prevent others from exercising specific behaviours (even if such behaviours cause no harm to others or their property), unless those others petition (beg) or pay the government for permission to be allowed to exercise those behaviours. This amounts to the claim that Rights are merely "privileges" that may be granted or taken away by government, based upon their preference or discretion. Remembering that the definition of a Right is "any action which does not cause harm to another living being or their property," there is no such thing as the "right" to stop someone from exercising a Right, since Rights cause no harm. The claim over the Rights of another person is called Slavery. Even more so, it is the claim to be God, the claim that Rights of others flow from you. Therefore, Licensing & Permits are merely other euphemism for Slavery, regardless of the justification made by those who claim such practices are "necessary for the common good." Since no individual anywhere on Earth has the "right" to claim ownership of another persons Rights, such behaviour can never be "delegated" to a group, and called "right." Therefore, all forms of Licensing & Permits are always WRONG according to Natural Law.

The Painful Truth About Order-Following

Mark Passio - The Fear Of Chaos

The Power of Your Imagination And Hathor(het heru)

Exploiting Your Reptilian Brain for Profit

David Icke We Are Slaves To A Reptilian Brain System

Secrets of the Reptilian Brain

Fear and your reptilian brain

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bob Proctor Explains The Psychology Of Fear And How To Overcome It

Population Mind Control By Fear: The Psychology of Terror, Anxiety & Str...

There Is No Such Thing as Mental Illness

Mind Control Overview, Hypnosis, CIA MKUltra, Psychiatry, Conspiracy The...

What is Brainwashing? Mind Control by Force? Is Total Recall Real? MK Ul...

Is Psychiatry A Scam? Truth About Mental Disorders, Psychiatrists Colin ...

Why You Can't Change. How to Kick Ass in Life, Be Happy, Healthy

What Makes People Stupid? How To Be Smarter? Psychology Psychetruth Corr...

The Psychology of Fear, Phobia & Anxiety, What Are You Afraid of?

Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Anger, Mental Health & Nutrition

Food and Mood: How Diet Affects Depression (Mental Health Guru)

8-Organic vs Inorganic Beings

Alex Jones GMO Meltdown

Zombified With G.M.O Food and Fluoride Water- Alex Jones

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