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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Underground Intelligence Media

Sep 11, 2014 ... Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate. The Safety of Aluminum-Containing Antiperspirants - Smelly Feet ... Highlight Feb 28, 2015 ... Are antiperspirants and other topical cosmetic products containing ... Since topical aluminum chloride hexahydrate application to the feet is ... What Foods Contain Harmful Aluminum? | LIVESTRONG.COM Highlight Jan 28, 2015 ... Since the discovery of cheap processes to extract aluminum from... ... late 1800s, aluminum has been used in a variety industries and products. Food Additives What Foods Contain Harmful Aluminum? Because aluminum makes up a significant portion of the earth’s crust, soil and water contain aluminum, which means that most foods contain at least trace amounts of this metal. Ingesting small amounts of aluminum may not cause harm, but over time aluminum builds up within your body. Some foods, like baking powder and processed cheeses, have higher than natural levels of aluminum because they contain aluminum-based food additives. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers the following food additives as “GRAS – Generally Recognized as Safe”: aluminum ammonium sulfate, aluminum calcium silicate, aluminum nicotinate, aluminum potassium sulfate, aluminum sodium sulfate, aluminum stearate, sodium aluminum phosphate and aluminum sulfate. Many still question the safety of these food additives, however. The group known as the Department of the Planet Earth petitioned the FDA in September 2005 to rescind the GRAS rating for these additives, citing studies linking aluminum food additive ingestion to Alzheimer’s disease Eliminating Aluminum From Our Homes - Keeper of the Home Highlight Apr 26, 2012 ... From household products to vaccinations, aluminum pervades our lifestyle, and if not monitored closely, can easily make its way into our bodies ... Aluminium content of selected foods and food products ... Highlight The data obtained allow a preliminary but current depiction of the aluminium content of selected non-animal foods, food products and beverages. Aluminum chlorohydrate - Household Products Database - Health ...

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