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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Licenses & Permits - Delusional Claims That Rights Are "Privileges"

Mark Passio explains how LICENSES AND PERMITS are claims that a group of people who call themselves "government" have been given the "right" to prevent others from exercising specific behaviours (even if such behaviours cause no harm to others or their property), unless those others petition (beg) or pay the government for permission to be allowed to exercise those behaviours. This amounts to the claim that Rights are merely "privileges" that may be granted or taken away by government, based upon their preference or discretion. Remembering that the definition of a Right is "any action which does not cause harm to another living being or their property," there is no such thing as the "right" to stop someone from exercising a Right, since Rights cause no harm. The claim over the Rights of another person is called Slavery. Even more so, it is the claim to be God, the claim that Rights of others flow from you. Therefore, Licensing & Permits are merely other euphemism for Slavery, regardless of the justification made by those who claim such practices are "necessary for the common good." Since no individual anywhere on Earth has the "right" to claim ownership of another persons Rights, such behaviour can never be "delegated" to a group, and called "right." Therefore, all forms of Licensing & Permits are always WRONG according to Natural Law.

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