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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Underground Intelligence Media

The Divine Mother creates these bodies for us, gives us these vessels. Then we receive instructions on how to use them. Those instructions are encoded in our religions. Those instructions are in our Consciousness if we know how to retrieve them. You do not have to get them out of a book. You can get them directly from your Divine Mother. What we see when we examine those kingdoms is that the mineral and the plant kingdoms use all the energy in themselves in a very balanced way, in a very efficient way, in order to advance their development. The animal kingdom, also, in its way, following its course of development, uses its energies according to the laws that apply to the animal kingdom. But there is a great shift that happens in that transition between these kingdoms. In the mineral kingdom, there is always an exchange of forces—positive and negative. Minerals combine and recombine to create new compounds, new elements. And we see that in all the different ways that we measure forces in the minerals—electricity and magnetism, acidity, and those types of forces that always have a positive and negative, a polarity. We see the same in the plant kingdom. In the plant kingdom, we see the emergence of sexuality on many levels, from asexual up to sexual levels. In the plant kingdom we see that also, but it is sexual, to a certain degree. So we see that throughout these kingdoms, sexuality that begins with very simple plus and minus, and advances through more and more sophisticated forms of combinations, until we reach the humanoid kingdom. In the humanoid kingdom on this planet, we have forgotten the cosmic law. The animal kingdom is given the law of instinct, and they follow the instructions of their own Innermost by following that instinct. They only use their sexual forces according to instinct, which in most cases is in spring. They only use it to procreate a child, that is it. They do not use it every day for fun. But then when those souls graduate into the humanoid kingdom, they are given new laws. To become a humanoid, those forces have to be managed and transformed. These are laws related with Chastity. The science of those laws is called Tantra or Alchemy. It the method by which a humanoid organism takes all the energies and forces in the sexual organs, transforms them, and raises them up the sexual column of the spine in order to nourish the brain and the endocrine system, in order to fully develop the brain. This is the most ancient, beautiful secret, that was once called the Ark in the Judeo-Christian traditions. The Ark is actually the Aron Kadosh, “the sacred chest.” That Ark is Tantra, or Alchemy. It is the science of taking those forces and combining a man and a woman, to combine those forces, to restrain them, to transform them, and to send them up the spine. What is that energy? Why is that needed? That energy is the Divine Mother. In every level of life, in every kingdom, she creates through sex. The great power of the Divine Mother is her womb. That is what makes her who she is, from the cosmic level to the atomic level. The power of the mother is her ability to make a child, to create life. But the Cosmic Mother cannot do that in us as long as we remain an animal. If we remain as an animal, she can only create animals through us. That is why in the past a soul who worked seriously in spiritual development was given the clue. Once you had awakened Consciousness, once you had mastered a certain degree of any spiritual tradition, you were given the clue, the secret knowledge, the highest Tantra: sexual transmutation, scientific Chastity. It is the first commandment—to not fornicate, but to take those forces, use them, but under divine will, not animal will, to take those energies inside and give them to the Divine Mother. With that, she can create something beyond an animal. If you want to be born again, we have to take the spirit and the water. That spirit is the Daemon, spirit in Greek. That spirit is creative power of the Divine Mother. The water is sexual, the mayim in Hebrew , the waters of Genesis, creation. Those waters are sexual. The Divine Mother creates minerals through their sexual forces. She creates plants through their sexual forces. She creates animals through their sexual energy. She creates more intellectual animals like us through our animal sexuality. But how is she going to create an angel? How is she going to create a master, a Buddha? Through lust? Obviously not. How will a God come from lust, anger, or pride? If our tradition of lust and fornication is so great, then why are we in such a mess? We have had millions of years of lust and envy. We have not created any angels, and the few that have emerged, emerged because they had the secret knowledge. They conquered themselves, purged themselves of all of that filth. The sexual energy is the Divine Mother herself. It is her power, and we call it Kundalini. We call it the Divine Mother Kundalini, Devi Kundalini, the Goddess Kundalini. Some people talk about it just like it is any energy in nature. It is not. It is not a mechanical energy. You cannot turn it off and on like a switch. You cannot trick it. There are a lot of people out there who think that if you go to a certain ashram and you pay a certain amount of money, you can awaken your Kundalini in two weeks. This is snake oil: lies and deceit. You cannot trick the Divine Mother. She has known you for millions of years. She knows your ways. She will only give you what you deserve—nothing more, nothing less. For her to be born in your spine is for her to give you her power. Can you imagine that? Do you sincerely believe you deserve to handle the power of the Divine Mother? Ask yourself: Do you deserve it? What would you do with power? If you were given divine power with your mind as it is now, what would your mind do with it? Feed its lust? Feed its pride? Make itself out into a big shot? Try to be famous? Try to get power in the world? Try to get money? Yes. That is exactly what we would do with it. Why would the Divine Mother give us that power when we have proven that we are not interested in helping the planet, helping her, helping our brothers and sisters in the other kingdoms? We want to kill them all; we want to conquer them; we want to consume everything to feed our desires. We do not care about anything but our desire, so why would she give us that power? Yet, there are thousands of books and groups and schools who teach that you can awaken your Kundalini and get all this power being just the way you are. Well, I’ll tell you a secret that they want to hide from you: Yes, you can get power from what they teach you to do, and it is related to Kundalini, but it is inverted. It is not divine power. Remember all the forces of nature are polarized—polarized energies. So just the same way that she can rise up the spine, she can flow down it. That downward flowing energy is the tail of the demon. That is why demons are depicted with tails. The tail represents is their animal power, active and enflamed by lust, pride, envy, etc. You can have that kind of power easily, very easy. It is as simple as reading a couple of books, learning a couple of techniques, and you can instantly start working with those powers, because all of us are that close to the edge of becoming fully-fledged, awakened demons, because of our ego, because of desire, because of pride and lust. But to go upwards is not easy—it is very difficult. Every single step along the spinal column is accompanied by tests, ordeals. We have to prove ourselves; we have to conquer ourselves. Nothing heavenly is given for free. If something comes easily, it is because it is not worth anything. What is of value is expensive; that is, to earn the status an Angel, one has to pay the price, and that price is the elimination of everything within us that is contrary to the angelic state.

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